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Paying at the Store

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Payments are received in a variety of forms. No matter what type of payment you accept - credit and debit cards, ACH, peer to peer transfers, even crypto currencies - MintPay can help. We advise on the smartest, safest, and most innovative way to move money. We also offer a variety of options when it comes to equipment, gateways, hosted payment pages, and other tools you'll use to operate efficiently and seamlessly. 

We want to ensure our customers and partners are offered a high level of service and technology at a fair, transparent price.

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in-person payments

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online payments

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point-of-sale systems

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interchange optimization

Whether it is a countertop, wireless, or mobile terminal we have multiple solutions that will meet your business' needs. Most of our solutions offer a true omni-commerce experience that, regardless of the device you use and how it is inputed, will report to the same place.

Online and card-not-present transactions are growing. Having the ability to offer invoicing, text2pay, payment links, and e-commerce transactions is vital to keeping up with today's commerce. Keeping all these things reporting to the same place is also important. Check out our omni-commerce solutions today!

Do you have a restaurant or retail location that is in need of a Point of Sale system? We have multiple POS systems that offer pay at the table, online ordering, inventory and recipe management. You'll love how our customizable solutions fit your company's unique needs. 

One of the main forms of payment acceptance is through credit cards. Card brands (i.e. Visa/Mastercard) set the rates and rules for their different card types. MintPay advises on technology that identifies proper data fields necessary to qualify for preferred rates (level 2 and 3) without the need to enter the data yourself. 

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